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Tracie Tandy

Tracie Tandy

She's Restored Leader

Hello, my name is Tracie Tandy.  I have been married for over 20 years to a wonderful man and together we raised 2 amazing sons.

In 1996, I had an abortion.  It was a horrible decision and a horrifying experience. The tremendous shame and heartbreak I felt was too much to handle. It was my unspeakable secret that I kept from all of the people I was closest to.  This emotional turmoil led to depression and addiction.  Because I was so emotionally broken, all of my relationships became destructive and I fell into a lonely dark tunnel.

I found Jesus in 1999 when I moved from California to Washington.  

Devoting my life to Christ, I knew that I was forgiven for ALL of my sins and He set me free from my addictions.  However, deep, deep down my heart was still in torment from the effects of my abortion.  Whenever the subject came up, I ran away and hid sobbing while reliving the memory and shame of my abortion experience.  I felt that I would never rid myself of this awful shadow that was my dark secret.  I knew I was forgiven but did not understand why this always came up and broke my heart all over again.

At my home church, Heritage Church NW, I was introduced to She’s Restored.  In 2022, I went through Forgiven and Set Free. Through this Bible study, I gained more knowledge about the Character of God, learned how to forgive, and how to let go of anger.  Through trusting the process and my amazing leaders, and devoting my time to Bible Study, I learned how to accept the gift of forgiveness from my Savior.  Now I am truly Set Free!

Currently, I am in training to become a healing facilitator so that I am able to help guide others who seek forgiveness and the freedom their hearts desire.

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