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Tami Hasson

Tami Hasson

Restored Nation Leader

Welcome, my name is Tami, I am one of the volunteers for Restored Nation.  I’d love to share a little bit of my journey with you.

For over twenty years I lived in a state of shame, hurt, brokenness, heartache, emptiness, despair, and denial. I put away my secret and buried it so deep that I became a shadow of myself, a robot. I didn’t allow myself to process, grieve, heal, or even understand my choices about my abortions. I had years of childhood trauma that made me believe lies and ultimately played a role in my decision to not carry out a second pregnancy. 

And then one day…. That all changed! I started my healing journey in the Spring of 2021. A pastor by the name of Jess Layne shared her testimony during a Sunday service. I knew my life would forever be changed after that day. I met Jess for coffee a week later and I was signed up for the next “She’s Restored” bible study. During the nine weeks of the bible study, I learned about myself, the love of God, outside influences, the reasons behind my decisions, and to accept that it's not what I did, but what I LOST. The sisterhood I formed with my group's women is so precious. These women understood and accepted me, even my darkest secrets. They NEVER judged me. By the end of the nine sessions, I finally understood what forgiveness was; I felt free of shame, free of judgment, free of lies, free of the chains that had held me captive for over twenty years. I was restored…

I am a new creation in Christ.  He has healed me, and he wants to heal you too!

This group was the key to my new and restored journey in life. I am on a mission to help heal women of their past and to provide hope and support!  Women, you are so strong, you are worthy and you have so much to offer the world.  I want all women to know their worth and strength.  I hope you are here to discover your own healing journey.

God Bless

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