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Kristy Pappoe

Kristy Pappoe

In His Arms Leader

Hi, my name is Kristy Pappoe and I help facilitate In His Arms which is a ministry to help heal after miscarriage and infant loss.

I lost 3 babies early in my marriage. I was 22, just married and full of life. When I miscarried once, twice, and even three times I became hurt, calloused and even a little bitter.

I went on to have 5 beautiful children and stuffed those feelings and wounds down to keep living life and momming. Every time someone would go through something similar my heart would hurt. I thought I had dealt with everything that needed dealing with. I hadn't. In actuality had just covered it up, pushed it down and stayed too busy to deal with it until I finally realized I needed to open up and work through the grief, pain, and let God heal my heart.

It took 16 years for me to realize it.  God worked quickly when I allowed Him to. I heard Jess speak on abortion and though I never had one the feelings of loss and the need to grieve were all too familiar. I spoke to Jess that day and she agreed to walk me through it. I wanted to invite my husband too, so I dropped a seed. It took a few weeks, but he finally brought it up and said he wanted to go. So, my husband, James and I went to our appointment together and I am so glad we did.  He had hurt and his own feelings of failure tied to our babies and again just pushed them aside. Healing together has been amazing!

I am so blessed to be able walk through this process with other women and couples to let their hearts be healed! If you have ever experienced the loss of a baby born Heaven side reach out, make an appointment.  That first step is always the hardest.  We are here to help you!

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